The Black Hills Area Community Foundation (BHACF) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 1987 to serve both donors and nonprofit agencies throughout the Black Hills. BHACF manages and administers charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Because of their commitment, BHACF awards hundreds of grants that have a positive impact on the quality of life in the Black Hills area.

Please donate to any of these funds. A processing fee will be associated with this contribution. If you would like your donation to cover this processing fee, please add 2.3% to your donation.

If you have any questions contact us at 605-718-0112 or by email

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Abbott House Foundation Fund
Donate Albert and Laverne Elliott First Responders Fund
Donate Amanda Hoffmann-Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Arlene Ham Endowed Fund for Women & Children-ENDWD
Donate Arlene Ham Fund for Women & Children
Donate Assist Fund
Donate BHACF Operations Endowment
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters Designated Fund
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters Operational Fund
Donate Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity
Donate Black Hills Arts and Culture Fund
Donate Black Hills by Choice
Donate Black Hills Community Homelessness Fund
Donate Black Hills Community Theater Fund
Donate Black Hills Community Theatre Designated Fund
Donate Black Hills Community Theatre Fund
Donate Black Hills Disaster Recovery Fund
Donate Black Hills Environment and Natural Resources Fund
Donate Black Hills Fund for Excellence in Education
Donate Black Hills Home Builders Assoc Charitable Fund:Builders Care-Pub Crawl
Donate Black Hills Home Builders Assoc Charitable Fund:Home Builder Development Resources-CC
Donate Black Hills Home Builders Assoc Charitable Fund:Workforce Development-Scholarship & Education
Donate Black Hills Impact
Donate Black Hills Raptor Center
Donate Black Hills StartUp
Donate Black Hills Works Foundation
Donate Blessed2Bless
Donate Boy Scouts of America Black Hills Area Council
Donate Bridges Scholarship
Donate Canyon Lake Activity Center
Donate Central States Fair
Donate Chamber Music Festival
Donate Chapel in the Hills
Donate Chapman Community Giving
Donate Children's Home Foundation
Donate CHS - Children's Advocacy Center Sub-fund
Donate Cold Springs Historical Society
Donate Community Grantmaking
Donate Community Service Center Trust Fund
Donate Custer Bark Park
Donate Custer County Historical Society
Donate Dakota Choral Union
Donate Dakota Choral Union - Agency Endowed Fund
Donate Deerfield Store Scholarship
Donate Diabetes, Inc. - Agency Fund
Donate Diabetes Inc. - Designated Fund
Donate Diabetes Inc. Stingley
Donate Donhiser Memorial Dental Support Fund
Donate Education Excellence Fund
Donate Elevate Rapid City
Donate Elevate Rapid City - Workforce Development Fund
Donate Everett Hoyt Donor Advised Fund
Donate Executive Director Fund
Donate Fall River County Historical Society
Donate Fall River County Historical Society--Agency
Donate Feeding South Dakota
Donate Fork Real Community Cafe Fund
Donate Founder's Park
Donate Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting
Donate Friends of the Rapid City Public Library
Donate Front Porch Coalition
Donate Fuse Rapid City
Donate Future Sturgis
Donate Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons
Donate Harold and George "Elbert" Newton Memorial Music Scholarship
Donate Hill City Friends of the Library
Donate Historic Homestake Opera House
Donate Historic Homestake Opera House--Agency
Donate Hope Center Diehl Fund
Donate Horizons of Parmelee
Donate Horsecreek Horizons
Donate Hosie Main Memorial Music Scholarship
Donate Humane Society of the Black Hills
Donate Hunter J. Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Donate Izaak Walton League, Rapid City Chapter, Endowed
Donate Izaak Walton League, Rapid City Chapter, Quasi-Endowed
Donate Joyce Bedingfield Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Donate Judith B Olsen Youth Fund
Donate Julia Beth Jacobson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Kevin J. Morsching Memorial Scholarship
Donate Landon Fund for Black Hills Playhouse
Donate Leadership Rapid City
Donate LIFE Fund
Donate LifeScape for the Hills
Donate Lifeways
Donate Live Like Lilli - FS
Donate Liv to Give DAF
Donate Love INC
Donate Love INC--Agency
Donate Make-A-Wish South Dakota
Donate Mammoth Site of Hot Springs
Donate Matching Pool
Donate Meade School District 46-1 Charitable Trust Fund
Donate Mniluzahan Okolakiaciapi Ambass
Donate MOA SDCF RC Indian School Lands Memorial Sub Fund
Donate MOA South Dakota Foundation Grant
Donate Morsching Scholarship - PR
Donate Native American Organizations and Causes Fund
Donate NAU Foundation
Donate NAU Foundation QE
Donate Nemo Cemetery Association Fund
Donate OneHeart
Donate OneHeart-Ray of Hope Garden Project Fund
Donate Operations Fund
Donate Operations - Rent/Moving
Donate OWL Fund
Donate Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary
Donate Patterson Scholarship Fund
Donate Pennington County 4-H Leader's Association Fund
Donate Rapid City Area Affordable Housing Fund
Donate Rapid City Arts Council
Donate Rapid City Collective Impact-Food Security Fund
Donate Rapid City Foundation Originating Fund
Donate Rapid City Library Foundation
Donate Rapid City Strategic Housing Trust Fund
Donate Ray of Hope Garden Fund
Donate RCAC Advanced Arts Scholarship Designated Fund
Donate RCAC Advanced Art Sub-fund
Donate RCAC Ardath D Rypkema Educational Memorial Fund
Donate RCAC Art Acquisition Sub-Fund
Donate RCAC Arts Education Sub-fund
Donate RCAC Exhibits & Collections-Designated
Donate RCAC Exhibits & Collections Sub-fund
Donate RCAC Performing Arts Sub-Fund
Donate RCAC Thurston Family Sub-Fund
Donate RCPD Community First Fund
Donate RC Urban Orchard Project
Donate Re-Member
Donate Rural America Initiatives
Donate Saab Heritage Museum USA-Sturgis
Donate Sarah Stevens Scholarship
Donate SD Engineering Society - Black Hills Chapter Scholarship
Donate South Dakota Humanities Council--Agency
Donate South Dakota Humanities Council Designated Fund
Donate Southern Hills - Black Hills by Choice
Donate Special Fund
Donate St. Francis Foundation
Donate Storybook Island Inc
Donate Storybook Island Inc-QE Fund
Donate Sturgis Area Arts Council
Donate Sturgis Public Library
Donate The Cave Collective
Donate The Storehouse
Donate The Storehouse - QE
Donate The Walt Award
Donate WAVI
Donate WDT AGC of SD Building Chapter Scholarship Fund
Donate WDT Foundation
Donate WDT Gary Solaas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate WDT Ryan McCandless Annual Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate WDT Sigman Scholarship Fund
Donate WDT William and Lois Pierce Scholarship Fund
Donate Wellspring, Inc. dba Wellfully
Donate Western Resources for Independent Living
Donate West River Trails Coalition
Donate Whitewood Econ Dev
Donate Women of Central Scholarship
Donate Year End Board Chair Directed Gift Fund
Donate Young Professionals Group Endowed Fund
Donate Youth & Family Services Foundation
Donate Youth & Family Services Foundation
Donate YouthPhil
Donate YouthPhil Scholarship